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The Yakovlev Yak 52 is a classic Soviet primary military trainer aircraft conceived initially as an aerobatic trainer for military pilots. It was designed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau and manufactured by Aerostar in Romania.


Over the years around 1800 Yak52s were built and Aerostar later manufactured a number of upgraded westernized models of the aircraft. This Yak is one of the factory built, modernized ones, not to be confused with the older model. Even though it has all the looks and characteristics of a warbird style military trainer this particular aircraft  was built as recently as 2004 making it one of rarest and most modern Yaks in existence. It has a tailwheel landing configuration, a completely redesigned wing, it adheres to modern design and safety standards, and is powered by a stronger 400hp 9 cylinder radial engine.


This airplane has a cool max speed of 420 km/h and is designed to operate at up to +7G and -5G and Yaks like this one can be found competing in aerobatic competitions all the way up to unlimited category.


Crew: 2

Length: 7.98 m


Wingspan: 9.90 m


Wing area: 15.42 m2

Configuration: Tail Dragger

Engine: 400 HP Nine Cylinder Radial M14PF – XDK

Propeller: 3 Blade MT Propeller

Empty weight: 989 kg

Max takeoff weight: 1,366 kg

Max. G Load: +7 / -5 G

Aerobatics: Unlimited

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